-Oration performed by an unnamed Seveli Justicar. Transcribed by Valan Forvana in the year 3622, Illyrian Long Count. So it came to pass that those who came before departed from the heavens. They were few, but of purpose and of courage, and of seeing. And they were led by the one whose voice still sangContinue reading “Forming”

Regarding the Firstborn

–Third day of the sixth cycle 3613, Illyrian Long Count. Such is an account of my research into the Firstborn and the making of the world. While the Seveli account of the creation of the universe stands apart as unique and wholly original, the accounts of the lesser gods vary greatly depending on the sourceContinue reading “Regarding the Firstborn”

Part Two: The First Born

An excerpt from the Grimorlin The First Born -Passage from of Gods and Men. Original text recovered from the Great Library of Tol’ Rukar, transcribed by Valan Forvana in the year 3618, Illyrian Long Count. Forward: Artimus Cahn, second scribe to High Lord Hectari Bromaire, 313 A.F. There is debate between Sevaelis and the Venticle asContinue reading “Part Two: The First Born”