Part Six: Inspiration

Hello family, friends, and fans! Inspiration can be a tricky thing. It is, in my experience, rarely a complete sentence or complete thought. It is parts, fragments, and building blocks of something larger that require time and effort to piece it together. Inspiration is not a blanket gifted on a cold night; it is aContinue reading “Part Six: Inspiration”

Part Seven: Cultures

Hello family, friends, and fans! Crafting a fictional world takes time, not only in the writing of but the reading of. You can’t come right out and say culture A is blah blah blah. Subtlety rewards the careful reader… those rewards lead to an expectation, a familiarity that fosters a prediction of action, behavior, andContinue reading “Part Seven: Cultures”

Part Eight: Breadcrumbing

Worldbuilding takes time, which is tricky. Your readers need to know enough about the world without the story getting bogged down into exposition (which I struggled with in my early drafts). Showing, not telling is the common theme… but that is a direction… to what many refer to as breadcrumbing. How do you leave enoughContinue reading “Part Eight: Breadcrumbing”