February Update

Hello all! It has been many cycles since my last update. And although I could dazzle you with a dozen reasons why this site and an unfinished manuscript have been gathering dust… let’s just move forward with the promise of steady progress in the future and less demands on my free time.

So how does book two look? After a quick recap I am at roughly 100 pages that I would say are nearly finished and another 200 in various stages of rewrites… but my progress through those is much faster than in previous months/years.

There will likely be more regular updates on progress, companion stories, merch, promotions etc. in the coming months. So stay tuned!

January Update

Time has been at a premium the past several months. An exceptionally busy work life, home life and other activities that have demanded my attention have kept me from updating here— but that’s an excuse. I could have very easily taken a few minutes out of my busy day to update here but didn’t… mainly because I didn’t have much to update.

So here goes the update of an update.

Book two progresses with only minor setbacks. Part one is penned at roughly 300 pages. I’m currently rewriting and somewhere between version 3-5 (five tends to be my final rewrite before moving on to completion). What I have written has improved with each pass, which tells me I am getting closer, but still have more to tie together.

It has been a joy to write this book with the new perspectives of Crylwin and Lira joining Faerin. At the same time I don’t want to rush this process, and the process behind this book has proven to be considerably more complex than the first. While there is a break between semesters (for those that don’t know I am finishing my degree) my pace is considerable. But I expect that pace to slow again when school resumes. In all reality I will be finished with my degree this coming fall and can devote all my free time and energy into book two. In the meantime you can expect regular updates throughout the year, as well as quarterly newsletters, and a beta ready version of part one. I hope I will see drafts of part two and three early by the end of year.

It’s good to have hope.


September Update

This year is just flying by. It seems like only yesterday that A Promise of Iron was released… but it’s one year anniversary is looming just around the corner. It has been an exciting year not only for A Promise of Iron but for the next book in the Echoes of Illyria series, The Sins of Silver. Draft one part one is finished, or roughly a third of the way through. I will be doing rewrites and collecting beta feedback over the next few months so stay tuned for updates!

On a personal notes I want to thank you all for your patience during my periods of radio silence. Rest assured I am (most weeks) hard at work trying to tell this story to the satisfaction of the characters in it (Lira can be difficult to please). I can say with some confidence this has been a surprising book, not only in how the narrative has unfolded for me, but for the growth and discoveries that each of the characters has experienced. For fans of book one, book two should be even better.

As always I appreciate your feedback as well as your words of support and encouragement… I simply would not, could not, do this without you!




Has it really been since April? One thousand apologies… let’s hit the high notes…

  1. School has started, we have bigs off to big school and a little off to little school
  2. Arizona has has a wet summer- bring on the rain!
  3. Book two is shaping up nicely, beta invites are coming soon. Interested, email me info@realmccoybooks.com subject line BETA READER

That’s it for now! Newsletter for August just went out, if you need you can find it here!



April Update

For those of you that do not receive the newsletter… here is a behind the scenes update.

  1. New logo thanks to some talented folks on Fiverr. I think it looks good and may branch out into some merc merch.
  2. “The Sins of Silver” book two in the Echoes of Illyria saga is about 15% complete. Part One of Faerin’s story is done, working on Crylwin’s story now.
  3. I am looking for beta readers. If you are interested in shaping the story, or just like to get early access send me an email info@realmccoybooks.com

Outside of that I promise to update here more frequently (same with Twitter and Facebook).

By way of apology… here is an excerpt quote from the new book

“Fool,” Nox said, smiling. I saw Vox’s smile staring back at me. “I am already dead.” Then he leapt from the ledge into the throng of Golmere.

March Update

It has been awhile since I last updated the blog so I figured I would take a minute and let you know what we have cooking behind the scenes.

All hardcovers have been mailed out so expect them in the next few days. I am super eager to hear what you think!

With the help of all your support we placed third in the cover of the month contest- as I am sure you know already from my relentless spamming! This was a super cool contest and something that will hopefully give lots of exposure in the future.

We have two cool author promos running. Links are below. Take a peak- it is a great way to score some free books and great deals!

Free Books Promo

Amazon Kindle Unlimited Promo

March Newsletter went out today so check you email and spam filters. The complete first chapter of “The Song of Creation” is posted for subscribers as well as a contest for two $25 Amazon gift cards. If you are not a subscriber, sign up and send me a note so I can send you the letter for March. I plan on having regular contests and giveaways as well as featuring the continuation of “The Song of Creation” as a newsletter exclusive.

Perhaps the best update is that I started Echoes of Illyria Book Two over the weekend, thanks to my lovely wife sending me away for a quiet and productive weekend. The title is “The Sins of Silver” and it will feature pov from Faerin, Lira and Crylwin. It is a direct sequel and will pick up right where book one left off, so those of you dying to know what happens after book one’s cliffhanger you wont have to wait much longer. I imagine I will include Chapter 1 in a future newsletter so make sure you are subscribed!

I think that is enough for now. Thanks for reading!

Salt & Ruin,



-Oration performed by an unnamed Seveli Justicar. Transcribed by Valan Forvana in the year 3622, Illyrian Long Count.

So it came to pass that those who came before departed from the heavens. They were few, but of purpose and of courage, and of seeing. And they were led by the one whose voice still sang of Sem and A’ev.

And it was that they who left were want to build a new land, one between the heavens as was foretold.

Of how they travelled it is said not, but upon the nothing did they see a place touched by both light and darkness, one that could be of much promise and new beginnings.

And of the first sons, it was Dware who did first suggest a hearth. And it was Sereve of the first sons who did suggest a fire. And it was Gaial of the first daughters who did suggest a renewing.

And the voice did agree.

So it was that Dware did gather what had been unmade in the breaking of the heavens. Iron and stone were both want and plentiful. And he did form it and gave it shape as it would be a home to those that had left. When he was finished, he did speak onto it a name, Ara.

So it was that Sereve did gather what had been unmade in the breaking of the heavens. Geth and ether were both want and plentiful. And he did form it and gave it shape as it would bring light to Ara and those that called it home. When he was finished, he did speak onto it a name, Súl.

So it was that Gaial did gather what had been unmade in the breaking of the heavens. Edrúm and quin were both want and plentiful. And she did form it and gave it shape as it would sustain Ara and those that called it home. When she was finished, she did speak onto it a name, S’iel.

Thus it came to pass that Ara was made, and Súl, and S’iel by those that came before.

Low and blessed was their light.

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Thanks for reading.

Salt & ruin,



-Excerpt from Of Gods and Men. Original text recovered from the Great Library of Tol’ Rukar, transcribed by Valan Forvana in the year 3618, Illyrian Long Count.

Forward: Artimus Cahn, second quill to High Lord Hectari Bromaire, 313 A.F.

It is worth noting that there is no mention of Vorad in the earliest of Cyllian texts. It is unclear if this is an omission by design or something lost in translation from Illyrian. I find it curious that his role was not established until after the shaping, something that runs boldly against the Sevali orations.

There was no argument made regarding Elo and his place among the Firstborn. He was king, confirmed by the Brothers and Sisters, and he would rule thereafter. But he grew to worry over what was to become, preoccupied with the vision that was shared with he who was not a king.

“Tell me again, Brother,” Elo said to Sereventus. “What did you see in your vision?”

But It was Sereventus that was blessed with vision of what was to come, and he was not want to share everything that he saw, even if there was much that was hidden even from him. He remained thoughtful and careful with his words, sharing only what he must, even when pressed by his king.

“I saw a new land, dark and cold. I saw a fire that rose high above it. I saw things I have no name for. And I saw the shaping of these things,” Sereventus replied.

And Elo beamed with excitement. “Yes, the shaping, you have mentioned this before. Tell me of it, tell me how it came to you, tell me how to command it.”

Sereventus looked down, choosing his words carefully. “I believe it to be our purpose, my king. Just as the Makers created all that is, so too must we shape it according to the path.”

“Yes,” Elo said smoothly. “This path you have seen. Would that I could have seen it so that I might also know the path. Tell me, do you know how it came to you?”

“I know not, my king,” Sereventus lied, for he feared what Elo would become should he be blessed with the vision. “I know only that I was chosen, just as you were so chosen to be our king.”

And Sereventus took to his knee and bowed his head. Elo was satisfied, and though he coveted the vision, he was contented in his dominion over it. He did not need to see what was to come, for the one who did was bound to obey him, such was the way of things.

Elo considered these words for long under time. When he made his decision, he assembled the Brothers and the Sisters before him.

“Hark and heed my words,” said Elo. “Long have we dwelled upon the plane, lingering near the source of our making. But we have been given vision of what is to come.”

And the Brothers did nod in agreement, for they had heard of the vision many times.

“Our brother says It is our purpose to leave this land of light,” Elo continued, “and travel to a new land, one that is both dark and cold.”

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Salt & ruin,


Regarding the Firstborn

Third day of the sixth cycle 3613, Illyrian Long Count.

Such is an account of my research into the Firstborn and the making of the world. While the Seveli account of the creation of the universe stands apart as unique and wholly original, the accounts of the lesser gods vary greatly depending on the source and subsequent successor culture.

Though my research into the topic remains ongoing; It stands to reason that the Seveli account of the Song of Creation can be agreed upon simply because its words were universally shared among all cultures following the Fall. While information has been intentionally culled by the Silence, it is curious that the individual venerations vary as greatly as they do from this point of confluence.

One might assume the strength of the Seveli oral traditions would hold their account of the lesser gods as most accurate. Ironically, it is in this belief that our plan has been so effective. I have personally witnessed more than one Justicar deliver an oration from a seed that I had planted. Even Sol Serephet couldn’t have predicted such success.

It is curious that the Cyllian tradition weighs so heavily in favor of Sereventus. Would that they knew the truth of their patron. Still, their aggression is troubling, as is this Cause they speak of. Hull tells me that Emerand has doubled their tribute and that peace is secured. He is a good soldier, but he misses the finer points.

I have dispatched three of my most promising students to Emerand as a precaution. Their mission is to secure the true words maintained within the Hall of Knowledge should Emerand come under siege. I have faith that should the worst happen, they will succeed in their mission, though I have made alternative plans to relieve Tol’Rukar of the original missives and any other Illyrian work found in their possession. The Ruklanders shouldn’t notice their absence; I am quite certain the barbarians don’t know how to read.

-Valan Forvana

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Salt & ruin,