January Update

Time has been at a premium the past several months. An exceptionally busy work life, home life and other activities that have demanded my attention have kept me from updating here— but that’s an excuse. I could have very easily taken a few minutes out of my busy day to update here but didn’t… mainly because I didn’t have much to update.

So here goes the update of an update.

Book two progresses with only minor setbacks. Part one is penned at roughly 300 pages. I’m currently rewriting and somewhere between version 3-5 (five tends to be my final rewrite before moving on to completion). What I have written has improved with each pass, which tells me I am getting closer, but still have more to tie together.

It has been a joy to write this book with the new perspectives of Crylwin and Lira joining Faerin. At the same time I don’t want to rush this process, and the process behind this book has proven to be considerably more complex than the first. While there is a break between semesters (for those that don’t know I am finishing my degree) my pace is considerable. But I expect that pace to slow again when school resumes. In all reality I will be finished with my degree this coming fall and can devote all my free time and energy into book two. In the meantime you can expect regular updates throughout the year, as well as quarterly newsletters, and a beta ready version of part one. I hope I will see drafts of part two and three early by the end of year.

It’s good to have hope.


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