September Update

This year is just flying by. It seems like only yesterday that A Promise of Iron was released… but it’s one year anniversary is looming just around the corner. It has been an exciting year not only for A Promise of Iron but for the next book in the Echoes of Illyria series, The Sins of Silver. Draft one part one is finished, or roughly a third of the way through. I will be doing rewrites and collecting beta feedback over the next few months so stay tuned for updates!

On a personal notes I want to thank you all for your patience during my periods of radio silence. Rest assured I am (most weeks) hard at work trying to tell this story to the satisfaction of the characters in it (Lira can be difficult to please). I can say with some confidence this has been a surprising book, not only in how the narrative has unfolded for me, but for the growth and discoveries that each of the characters has experienced. For fans of book one, book two should be even better.

As always I appreciate your feedback as well as your words of support and encouragement… I simply would not, could not, do this without you!



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