Long ago, the Illyrian Empire fell and the world of men fell with it. The Illyrians are gone now. Nobody knows where. All they left behind are miles of dark roads and unanswered questions.

From the darkness the Cyllian Empire has emerged. It straddles the old thrones of men and brings a tenuous peace, filled with the unease of hate and the impatience of idle spears.

The Mere grow restless in their mountain homes. They strike at the lands of men with a boldness not seen since the days of Illyria.

The Ruk bear the scars of a long-lost war. Toiling under the heel of the Empire, they have little hope for a better life.

Born out of hatred, a young man seeks to bring it all down, stone by stone, brick by brick. He’s no hero. Heroes are fools and dead men. But he hears the words upon the wind. And he seeks a promise… A PROMISE OF IRON.

“A Promise of Iron” Echoes of Illyria Book One

About: Book one in the Echoes of Illyria Saga

Status: Released: Available in hardcover, paperback, and E-book versions

Release: Released December 2020

“The Song of Creation” Echoes of Illyria Companion Novel

About: Myth, legends, and lore from the world of Ara

Status: Season 1 Released

Target Release: Ongoing Web Series

“The Sins of Silver” Echoes of Illyria Book Two

About: Direct sequel to “A Promise of Iron” and book two in the Echoes of Illyria Saga

Status: Writing, 18% complete as of 4/27/21

Target Release: Spring 2022

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