March Update

It has been awhile since I last updated the blog so I figured I would take a minute and let you know what we have cooking behind the scenes.

All hardcovers have been mailed out so expect them in the next few days. I am super eager to hear what you think!

With the help of all your support we placed third in the cover of the month contest- as I am sure you know already from my relentless spamming! This was a super cool contest and something that will hopefully give lots of exposure in the future.

We have two cool author promos running. Links are below. Take a peak- it is a great way to score some free books and great deals!

Free Books Promo

Amazon Kindle Unlimited Promo

March Newsletter went out today so check you email and spam filters. The complete first chapter of “The Song of Creation” is posted for subscribers as well as a contest for two $25 Amazon gift cards. If you are not a subscriber, sign up and send me a note so I can send you the letter for March. I plan on having regular contests and giveaways as well as featuring the continuation of “The Song of Creation” as a newsletter exclusive.

Perhaps the best update is that I started Echoes of Illyria Book Two over the weekend, thanks to my lovely wife sending me away for a quiet and productive weekend. The title is “The Sins of Silver” and it will feature pov from Faerin, Lira and Crylwin. It is a direct sequel and will pick up right where book one left off, so those of you dying to know what happens after book one’s cliffhanger you wont have to wait much longer. I imagine I will include Chapter 1 in a future newsletter so make sure you are subscribed!

I think that is enough for now. Thanks for reading!

Salt & Ruin,


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