April Update

For those of you that do not receive the newsletter… here is a behind the scenes update.

  1. New logo thanks to some talented folks on Fiverr. I think it looks good and may branch out into some merc merch.
  2. “The Sins of Silver” book two in the Echoes of Illyria saga is about 15% complete. Part One of Faerin’s story is done, working on Crylwin’s story now.
  3. I am looking for beta readers. If you are interested in shaping the story, or just like to get early access send me an email info@realmccoybooks.com

Outside of that I promise to update here more frequently (same with Twitter and Facebook).

By way of apology… here is an excerpt quote from the new book

“Fool,” Nox said, smiling. I saw Vox’s smile staring back at me. “I am already dead.” Then he leapt from the ledge into the throng of Golmere.

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