Regarding the Firstborn

Third day of the sixth cycle 3613, Illyrian Long Count.

Such is an account of my research into the Firstborn and the making of the world. While the Seveli account of the creation of the universe stands apart as unique and wholly original, the accounts of the lesser gods vary greatly depending on the source and subsequent successor culture.

Though my research into the topic remains ongoing; It stands to reason that the Seveli account of the Song of Creation can be agreed upon simply because its words were universally shared among all cultures following the Fall. While information has been intentionally culled by the Silence, it is curious that the individual venerations vary as greatly as they do from this point of confluence.

One might assume the strength of the Seveli oral traditions would hold their account of the lesser gods as most accurate. Ironically, it is in this belief that our plan has been so effective. I have personally witnessed more than one Justicar deliver an oration from a seed that I had planted. Even Sol Serephet couldn’t have predicted such success.

It is curious that the Cyllian tradition weighs so heavily in favor of Sereventus. Would that they knew the truth of their patron. Still, their aggression is troubling, as is this Cause they speak of. Hull tells me that Emerand has doubled their tribute and that peace is secured. He is a good soldier, but he misses the finer points.

I have dispatched three of my most promising students to Emerand as a precaution. Their mission is to secure the true words maintained within the Hall of Knowledge should Emerand come under siege. I have faith that should the worst happen, they will succeed in their mission, though I have made alternative plans to relieve Tol’Rukar of the original missives and any other Illyrian work found in their possession. The Ruklanders shouldn’t notice their absence; I am quite certain the barbarians don’t know how to read.

-Valan Forvana

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