Part Two: The First Born

An excerpt from the Grimorlin

The First Born

-Passage from of Gods and Men. Original text recovered from the Great Library of Tol’ Rukar, transcribed by Valan Forvana in the year 3618, Illyrian Long Count.

Forward: Artimus Cahn, second scribe to High Lord Hectari Bromaire, 313 A.F.

There is debate between Sevaelis and the Venticle as to which of the brothers was first to awaken. For the purpose of this text, we will leave an account of the Venticle tradition, as the Sevali orations tend to vary depending on which patron god or goddess is favored in the region.

With the passing of The Father and The Mother into the ether, dominion of the heaven’s was entrusted to the first born.

Elo, being the first of sons to awaken upon Heaven’s Plane, led his brothers and sisters from the cave from which they were laid. It is said that they did not travel far from the mouth of the cave for fear that should their makers return and find them gone that they would be displeased. It is also said that they made camp in that spot (rumored to be north and west of Atol beyond the sea) for thirty and three days. It was upon the thirty and fourth day that Elo assembled his brothers and sisters before him.

“We have waited here for thirty and three days and thirty and three nights,” Elo said to the assembled. “Would we wait another thirty and three days and nights before you heed my words? They are not returning.”

Gol nodded in agreement. Sune nodded in agreement. Dwar was noncommittal. Sereventus was the only brother to object.

“What haste do we have, Brother?” Sereventus asked. “The rise and fall of the sun means not to you nor I. Would that we should wait here, not in eagerness for their return, but in appreciation for what they have left us.”

Dwar nodded in agreement. Sune was noncommittal. Gol was noncommittal. Elo was the only brother to object.

“Tell me, Brother,” Elo said, “What has been left to us? We lay claim to a valley beneath a cave. Yet there is land far unto the horizon. Is this land not also gifted to us? Would that we should explore this land and make it unto us as was intended.”

In this, all brothers did agree, save Sereventus, who was unconvinced.

“See now that we agree as brothers. We have toiled long under the sun. We have been prudent and heeded the wind and the sky in waiting. This land is ours to claim. It is our gift from the makers, so too is the gift to rule it.”

“Prudent we have been, Brother,” Sereventus said. “In this, we agree. I will not object, as such is the will of the Brothers. Though I give a word of caution, for it is woe to he that interprets the will of the makers.”

In this, Dwar did nod in agreement. Sune nodded in agreement. Gol was noncommittal. Elo was noncommittal.

“It is agreed, Brother,” Dwar said. “The will of the makers is unknown, it shall remain unknown, and only Time will reveal their purpose. Now, let us argue no longer. It is the will of the Brothers that we depart this land and lay claim to all the lands under the sun.”

In this, all brothers did agree.

The Sisters remained silent.

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