-Excerpt from Of Gods and Men. Original text recovered from the Great Library of Tol’ Rukar, transcribed by Valan Forvana in the year 3618, Illyrian Long Count.

Forward: Artimus Cahn, second quill to High Lord Hectari Bromaire, 313 A.F.

It is worth noting that there is no mention of Vorad in the earliest of Cyllian texts. It is unclear if this is an omission by design or something lost in translation from Illyrian. I find it curious that his role was not established until after the shaping, something that runs boldly against the Sevali orations.

There was no argument made regarding Elo and his place among the Firstborn. He was king, confirmed by the Brothers and Sisters, and he would rule thereafter. But he grew to worry over what was to become, preoccupied with the vision that was shared with he who was not a king.

“Tell me again, Brother,” Elo said to Sereventus. “What did you see in your vision?”

But It was Sereventus that was blessed with vision of what was to come, and he was not want to share everything that he saw, even if there was much that was hidden even from him. He remained thoughtful and careful with his words, sharing only what he must, even when pressed by his king.

“I saw a new land, dark and cold. I saw a fire that rose high above it. I saw things I have no name for. And I saw the shaping of these things,” Sereventus replied.

And Elo beamed with excitement. “Yes, the shaping, you have mentioned this before. Tell me of it, tell me how it came to you, tell me how to command it.”

Sereventus looked down, choosing his words carefully. “I believe it to be our purpose, my king. Just as the Makers created all that is, so too must we shape it according to the path.”

“Yes,” Elo said smoothly. “This path you have seen. Would that I could have seen it so that I might also know the path. Tell me, do you know how it came to you?”

“I know not, my king,” Sereventus lied, for he feared what Elo would become should he be blessed with the vision. “I know only that I was chosen, just as you were so chosen to be our king.”

And Sereventus took to his knee and bowed his head. Elo was satisfied, and though he coveted the vision, he was contented in his dominion over it. He did not need to see what was to come, for the one who did was bound to obey him, such was the way of things.

Elo considered these words for long under time. When he made his decision, he assembled the Brothers and the Sisters before him.

“Hark and heed my words,” said Elo. “Long have we dwelled upon the plane, lingering near the source of our making. But we have been given vision of what is to come.”

And the Brothers did nod in agreement, for they had heard of the vision many times.

“Our brother says It is our purpose to leave this land of light,” Elo continued, “and travel to a new land, one that is both dark and cold.”

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